Harrison Atelier

Performa 2015

Performa 2015

Submission for Performa 2015 //New York, NEW YORK // Fall 2015

+Selected as finalist : http://15.performa-arts.org/performa-presents/hub-architectural-competition

The theatrical space of the street is a space of seeing, therefore a space of criticality, apperception, and change. The market and the store window, among other elements of urban architecture, can transform everyday actors from their ordinary functions, change a person into a spokesperson, an object into a prop, the street into a stage. The street is a site for performance, from the Renaissance to today, enabled by a humble yet ubiquitous urban invention: the bench.

A canzona of 1433 begins, “Who wants to hear lies or little stories come to listen to those who stay all day long on the benches.” These little stories voiced the political malcontent and agency of a new type of urban subject shaped by the Renaissance city.

Today, we continue to rely on the heterogeneity and diversity of the city to stage new forms of subjectivity. HAT’s proposal for the Performa 15 Hub harnesses the political agency and collective energy of the bench to create a vital and flexible platform to enable collaborative, interdisciplinary, and site-specific visual art performances at Performa’s 2015 Biennial.

Team // Ariane Harrison, Seth Harrison, Stephen Ullman, Dustin Atlas, Arif Javed, Mabel Jiang, Alihan Oney

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