Harrison Atelier


Birchburst Installation



A folly conjures an image of time passing: from designed ruins to temporary garden objects, follies ask us to contemplate our experience in time. Our folly proposal creates a dialogue between two ephemeral types: the “oriental” tent folly, an ornamented fabric structure popularized in the 18th century, and the birch tree, a pioneer species that usually lasts one generation before being replaced by more shade-tolerant trees. We sought to highlight the exemplary frailty of each element. The birch grove and ornamented tent materialize, if only briefly, as a burst of stars and arcs: Birch-burst.

Birch-burst initially appears to be an organic array of saplings with an unruly canopy. Only inside the folly, does Birch-burst reveal its playful ornamentation as stars and arcs unfurl overhead. The “ceiling” pattern, formed by curved lattices that spring from a hexagonal array of columns, transforms the ornamented fabric typical of 18th century tent follies into a physical canopy. 

Team //  Ariane Harrison, Seth Harrison, Stephen Ullman, Alex Davis