Harrison Atelier

Forest Creature


Forest Creature


Forest Creature is a pavilion that conjures the enchanted landscape of Governor’s Island’s ecological heritage. Today the island remains a refuge for diverse bird-life, and with the residency of the NYS Audobon at Nolan House, the South Parade ground as the intended site for this pavilion becomes a vital hub for public education and ecological awareness.

The form of the pavilion begins with the form of rudimentary shelter – the outline of a house—yet curves around itself, recalling a creature curled at the foot of a large tree. Its materiality—reuse of invasive species of reeds such as bamboo and phragmites—achieves a net zero construction. These materials also point to humans’ status as the most successful invasive species, and recall the ecological responsibilities we bear as such for preserving other species in our habitats. Forest Creature seeks to provide a space of contemplation for the fragility of our ecological heritage.

construction details:


  • Total Project Area: approx. 215 sq.ft  // Stage - 150 sq.ft  // Back of stage : 45 sq.ft  // Children’s hiding place: 20 sq.ft  // Rainproof reed-roofed space: 35 sq.ft  // Shaded space: 254.3 sq.ft
  • Monument to Governors' Islands ecological heritage // Nature observation and education space // Performance space // Children's activity space with areas for sitting, hiding and crawling though low arches // Materiality encourages contact with and rethinking of uses for invasive reeds and bamboo


  • Ariane Harrison, Seth Harrison, Spring Wu, Eileen Xu, Victoria Ereskina, Daniel Salvador.