Harrison Atelier

Virginia Key Floating Theater

Virginia Key Floating Theater


The origins of the word "theater" refer to the act of seeing. The program of the floating theater for the marine stadium involves a range of activities that delight the eye. But in today's anthropocene period, designating man as the largest environmental force, humans may also need to see through the eyes of other species. We propose a floating theater that contributes to Florida's wildlife conservation efforts. 5 of the 7 existing sea turtle species inhabit Florida's waters; all are endangered.The polycarbonate panels of the "turtle theater" bandshell glow red at night: red occupies the "turtle safe" portion of the light spectrum, meaning that its glow will not contribute to the light pollution that disorients sea turtle hatchlings.

Docked in the Virginia Key lagoon, the floating theater can help orient visitors on the Key's wildlife trails. En route to Miami, the theater becomes a floating red beacon, a reminder of theater's power to visualize something so small as the tracks of a sea turtle hatchling. The floating theater plays on turtle form and adopts red lighting, making visible the sensitivities of specie other than human.

Team // Ariane Lourie Harrison, Serra Kiziltan, Anthony Sunga