Harrison Atelier

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Ferry Terminal



Viewing Ocean Beach’s Ferry Terminal Enhancement Project within a wider context, HAt proposed a Ferry Terminal Zone (40,000 sf) to reorient the Ferry Terminal and community buildings enabling the harborfront to function as a lively village facade. Currently, Ocean Beach’s harbor walk can be characterized by its uneven width, and in the evening, uneven lighting. The tennis courts/basketball complex situated against a chain-link fence are harshly lit until 11pm, then produce a pool of darkness following that period. HAt envisioned a harbor promenade that more generous in its width and more evenly lit by the buildings flanking its south side. Both an expansion of the harbor promenade and the creation of a series of waterfront buildings created a continuous harborfront for incoming visitors to Ocean Beach. 

The ferry terminal was envisaged as an integral part of the harborfront promenade, offering shelter from the sun and seating to villagers and ferry passengers alike. Its planned entrance portal reiterated the north-south axis from harbor to beach, while screening the wagon park from view. The community and harbor/recreation buildings were significantly enlarged, providing office space for the dockmaster, expanded public bathrooms and an increased exercise and play space. The reoganization of recreational space replaced the paved wagon area with green pavers and framed the ferry terminal entrance with a small green park. HAt’s proposal addressed stormwater management by expanding pervious surface area.