Harrison Atelier

Species Niches Pavilion


Species Niches Pavilion

omi international arts center // ghent, new york // june 2014

+ commissioned by architecture omi

The Species Niches pavilion is an undulating canopy of networked spaces sited at the edge of the forest and field in Architecture Omi’s rolling landscape. The pavilion’s design draws inspiration from the structural logical of the “reciprocal frame:” no single hierarchy governs the network of the one thousand, local-sourced oak structural members; rather, the geometries of the design are interdependent and interwoven. The canopied structure calls attention to the edge condition of field and forest.


  • Ariane Harrison, Seth Harrison, Stephen Ullman, Alex Davis, Kieran Gillen, Jeian Jeong
  • Structural engineering provided by Allan Olson, ARUP.