Harrison Atelier

Yaroslavl Performance Center

Yarolslavl Performance Center


For this competition, Harrison Atelier designed a dynamic center for the arts as a renovation of a disused stadium. The new theater and workshops memorialize Yaroslavl’s importance in Russian theater history: the first permanent professional theater in Russia was founded in 1756 by the Yaroslav actor Fydor Volkov, his brother Grigory and the director dramatist Aleksei Sumarokov, whose neoclassical tragedies helped free Russian theater of its dependence on foreign works and formed the basis of a new Russian theater tradition in the 18th century. One of the largest domes in the building houses an experimental theater, with clusters of domes allocated to rehearsal space, green rooms, costume and set ateliers. Passers-by become spectators for the activity in the ateliers: these spaces for creation and innovation are visible from the exterior of the building.

Team // Ariane Lourie Harrison, Seth Harrison, Alex Davis, Steve Ullman